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一级巴实燕窝 Grade 1 Bird Nest

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The cave bird nest from Indonesia is light yellow in color at its early stage, it slowly changes to orange-ish or reddish in time. It needs to be cooked for 3 - 4 hours to become stripe shapes. 

每片燕窝以重量计算 (每两 【37.5克】RM580)

Sell by weight of each piece of bird nest. (RM580 per 37.5g)









1. 浸泡3小时即可烹调。

2. 炖煮3-4小时,加入适量冰糖变可食用。

3. 小贴士: 加一些龙眼干和红枣,味道更可口。

4. 凉喝和热喝都可以。


Benefit of Bird's Nest

* Food of beauty and maintain smooth and bright skin.

* Promote youthful and skin repair.

* Boost pregnant women immune systems.

   (Improve child''s development and growth).

* Regulates blood circulation and tonifying blood.

* Strengten the lungs and respiratory tract.

* Relieve chronic coughs and asthma.

How to Cook Bird's Nest Soup:

1. Soak the bird's nest about 3 hour

2. Stew or Steam for 3-4 hour. Then, stir in rock sugar to your preferred sweetness.

3. Cook Tips: add in some dried longan and red date, it''s delicious...

4. Then, you can have it as hot soup or chilled.


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