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原色天然红豆 Natural Red Bean

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Red beans are belonging to the family Leguminosae. Red beans are preferring high light, high temperature, sweet and non-toxic. Eating red beans has a high nourishing effect on the human body, and it is even used by Chinese medicine as a medicinal material to treat missing or injured foetuses, or it can be used as a medicinal material which has the effect of conspicuous eyes. Red bean pods are edible. Red beans have a unique flavour that can be cooked like mung beans and can be sprouted or roasted as a snack.


成分: 天津红豆 

功效:清热祛湿 · 健脾益胃 · 益肾养血

特点:呈圆柱状 表面为暗棕红色

重量: 300克

制作方式: 无硫磺 

保质期: 一年 

原产地: 中国 · 天津


使用分量: 大约120-200g,可依据个人需要调整份量。

适合人士: 儿童,青少年,成年,孕妇,老年人





Product Details

Ingredient: Red Bean

Efficacy: Relieve heat · Eliminate dampness · Nourish spleen and stomach · Replenish kidney and blood

Specialty: Plump and cylinder shape/ Dark brown-red color

Weight: 300g

Production Procedure: Sulphur-Free

Best Before: 1 Year 

Origin: China · TianJin

Direction to use: Suitable to cook drinks or desserts, cook porridge, or stew soup.

Amount to use:Approx. 120-200g, can adjust the amount use according to personal requirement.

Suitable for: Elderly, Adults, Teenagers, Pregnant women, Children.


Beware of Worms! This product is derived from natural growth. After drying, there may still

be worms or mould.

Storage Method 

Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid from sunlight. If assumed need over 30 days to

consume the product, suggested keep in fridge (0-8°C) to store.

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