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当归补血红糖茶 Angelica Blood Enriching Tea

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Product Description

当归补血红糖茶 Angelica Blood Enriching Tea - 4-5人

功效 Benefits:

🍀养颜 Beautifying 

🍀补血 Enriching Blood

🍀祛风 Dispel The Wind

🍀调整血液循环 Blood Circulation 

🍀补气 Invigorating Qi

🍀增强体力 Improve Immune System

烹饪方法 Cooking Method 

1️⃣1-1.2Liter 的清水 1-1.2Liter Water

2️⃣全部材料放入锅中除了红糖和枸杞,大火烹饪至水沸后,换小火慢煮1.5小时 Put everything, excepts Brown Sugar and Gojiberry. High heat until the water is boiling, turn to low heat and continue to cook for 1.5hours

3️⃣起锅前15分钟放上红糖,枸杞Put in Brown Sugar and Gojiberry 15min before ready

* 可以加鸡蛋一起炖煮 Can add on Egg to cook 

适合对象 Suitable for:

👉🏻 8岁-99岁 8-99Years Old

👉🏻 女性和年长者 Female and the elderly

*孕妇不适合 Not Suitable for Early Stage Pregnancy

冰箱储存能放12个月以上 Refrigerator storage can put up to 12 months and above