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御品自制泡参田七丸 Imperial American Ginseng Panax Pseudoginseng Capsules (100Capsules)

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Product Description

自制泡参田七丸一瓶 (100颗)1 Bottle American Ginseng Panar Pseudoginseng Capsules (100PCS)

原价 Normal Price:RM110

优惠价 Promotion Price:RM85



American ginseng is a famous native product of Wisconsin in the United States. It belongs to the roots of the plant that has been grown for many years. It contains a variety of essential amino acids in the human body. It has the functions of replenishing vital energy, clearing heat and fluid, refreshing beauty and strong leanness. Heart failure, neurasthenia, indigestion, bad breath in the throat, excessive brain use, tired work, excessive alcohol and tobacco, strong acne, and women's menopausal irritability have significant effects.

Tian Qi has dilated and fixed pain. The ingredients of Sanqi Powder are the same as the main root of Panax notoginseng. They are rich in Panax notoginseng, Panax notoginseng, Panax notoginseng and flavonoids. They have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and strengthening pain, nourishing and strengthening, anti-fatigue and anti-hypoxia. Anti-aging, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, improving the body's immune function. Stop bleeding. As the main component of Yunnan Baiyao, Sanqi has the name of “hemostasis medicine”. It is more suitable for hemorrhage and stagnation. Sanqi has a strong hemostasis effect, showing obvious hemostasis for different animals, different routes of administration, and different preparations. Liver protection, prevention and treatment of high blood lipids. It can be used to treat various internal and external hemorrhages such as traumatic hemorrhage, blood stasis, stomach bleeding, hematuria, etc.; dilate blood vessels, dissolve blood clots, improve microcirculation, prevent and treat hyperlipidemia, elevated cholesterol, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Cerebrovascular disease; liver disease such as fatty liver and liver fibrosis, and body weakness caused by blood loss, postpartum, and chronic illness.


How to consume:

Adult: 2 pills each time. 3 times daily.

Teenager: 1 pill each time, twice daily.


Improved blood circulation, improved metabolism, reduce swelling, cholesterol, and blood pressure, protecting liver, improve capillary circulation, anti fatigue, anti-inflammation.


Remarks: Not suitable for pregnant lady.