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招牌汤家宝气泡凉水 (24罐) Signature Sparkling Tang Herbal Tea (24 Cans)

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《汤家宝》黑气泡凉茶源自45年经营中医中药方的祖传秘方,加入现代的独特气泡口感,是为忙碌生活的人们打造健康好喝的首选饮料。黑气泡凉茶是经过严选天然优质原材料再经过专业处理泡制而成。经过接近两年的研发,我们保持了祖传秘方的传统口感和100% 的草药份量,比市场罐装凉水饮料多出3倍的草药份量,是一款功效满满的健康饮料。

Tang Herbal Sparkling Black Herbal Tea originates from a secret recipe passed down through 45 years of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and herbal healing practices. Enhanced with a modern sparkling twist, it's tailored for today's lifestyle. Our Sparkling Black Herbal Tea is crafted from meticulously selected ingredients renowned for their high quality, and undergoes certified good manufacturing and brewing processes. After nearly 2 years of research and development, we've successfully preserved the traditional taste while maintaining 100% herbal ingredients. Contain 3x more herbal ingredients than many other canned herbal drinks on the market, it stands out for its exceptional effectiveness and healthy beverage.


* 清热消暑:热气,经常熬夜,爱吃辣的朋友

* 消炎解毒:身体无缘无故很累

* 祛风祛湿气:长期大便绵绵的朋友

* 润肠通便:便秘的朋友,喝了大便顺顺

* 抗菌消炎:喉咙痛

* 排毒养颜:越喝越美,消水肿

* 可解烟酒:可以解隔天Hangover

Seven Benefits of "Tang Herbal" Sparkling Black Herbal Tea:

1. Cooling and Heat-Relieving: Suitable for those exposed to heat, stay up late frequently, or love spicy food.

2. Anti-Inflammatory and Detoxifying: Suitable for times when the body feels fatigued for no apparent reason.

3. Dispelling Wind and Dampness: Suitable for those with persistent bowel issues.

4. Moistening the Intestines and Promoting Bowel Movements: Suitable for friends dealing with constipation, helps ease bowel movements.

5. Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory: Suitable for a sore throat.

6. Detoxifying and Beautifying: Becomes more beautiful with continuous consumption, reduces water retention.

7. Hangover Remedy: Effective in alleviating hangovers after smoking or drinking.


*怀孕初期 (5个月以下)不宜饮用



*Not suitable for early pregnancy ladies (below 5 months)

*Not suitable for G6PD patients



容量: 320ml x 24罐






Product Details

Product Name: Sparkling Black Herbal Tea

Containment & Quantity: 320ml x 24 cans

Production Procedure: Steam Sterilization, Vacuum-Packaging, Sulfur-free

Best Before: 1 Year

Manufacture Location: Malaysia

Suitable For: Kid, Teenager, Adult, Elderly

Storage: Keep in cool & dry place or refrigerator, best served chilled.

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