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珍品南北杏 Precious Sweet and Bitter Almond Kernel 250g

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Product Description


成分:南杏, 北杏
制作方式: 无硫磺
保质期: 一年六个月
原产地: 中国 · 河南
功效:润肺化痰 ,止咳定喘 ,润燥消积

烹调方法/食用方法: 可用于泡水、煮、炖,也可直接食用。
使用分量: 大约5-20g。

注意事项: 虫出没注意!本产品源自天然生长,经晒干或烘干后,仍有可能出现虫蛀或发霉。

Precious Sweet and Bitter Almond Kernel

Ingredients: Sweet and Bitter Almond Kernel
Production method: Sulfur-free
Best Before: one year and six months
Origin: China · Henan
Benefits: Moisturize the lungs and resolve phlegm, relieve cough and relieve asthma, Moisturize dryness and eliminate accumulation

Cooking method/Eating method: It can be used for soaking, boiling, stewing, and it can also be eaten directly.
Recommended Serving Size: about 5-20g.
Suitable For: Adult, Kid, Elderly, Pregnant Lady, People who cough often, People with Sputum in the throat, People with High Irritability

Precautions: Attention to insects! This product is derived from natural growth. After sun-dried or dried, moth-eaten or mildew may still appear.
Storage method: Keep in Refrigerator