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益康补腰精 Ecolite Bu Yao Jing

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Product Description


Essence of Cortex Eucommia and Cordyceps Plus contains Cortex Eucommia, cordyceps and other precious herbs brewed using a modern scientific process. No preservative is added.

功效 / Functions :


Traditionally used for relieving waist ache and body weakness.


Each 70ml contains:

杜仲 Cortex Eucommia Umoides 500mg

冬虫夏草 Cordyceps Sinensis 250mg

泡参 Radix Panax Quinaquefolium 250mg

补骨脂 Fructus Psoralea Corylifolia 300mg

灵芝 Ganoderma Japonicum 300mg

牛滕 Radix Achyanthes Bidentata 500mg

枸杞子 Fructus Lycium Barbarum 300mg

服用方法 / Direction For Use:


Adult: 1 cup (30ml) per serving, 2 times daily after meal. Children below 12 years old: 1/2 cup (15ml) each time, 2 times daily. Measuring cup is provided. Shake well before use.

*孕妇,婴儿禁服。Not suitable for pregnant women and babies.

*如瓶底有沉淀物,为天然药汁,此乃天然草药释析的自然现象。This product contains herbal content, the sediment is a natural occurrence.

Exp: 10/2023