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御品原色红枣 Imperial Red Date

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“日食三颗枣,百岁不显老” ,红枣在华人养生文化里既普遍又重要。红枣属补气药,具有养胃健脾、补血益气、和解药毒、保护肝脏、增强肌力等功效,可润肺、止咳、治虚、养胃。



"Three dates a day keep old age at bay" - Red dates are both common and essential in Chinese wellness culture. They are considered a tonic for replenishing energy, nourishing the stomach and spleen, enriching the blood, protecting the liver, and enhancing muscle strength. Additionally, they can moisturize the lungs, alleviate coughs, treat deficiency, and nourish the stomach.

Red dates have a sweet and fragrant taste with a unique flavor. Apart from being consumed directly, they can also be used to cook soups, porridge, boiled in water, or added into desserts.

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