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蜜蜂巢 Honey Comb 280gram

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Product Description

  🍯 Clean up the stool, appetite and promote digestion

  🍯 Improve sleep, eliminate fatigue and hangover

  🍯 Nourishes the lungs and intestines, detoxifies and protects the liver

  🍯 Remove scars and freckles, nourishing beauty and anti-aging

  🍯 Improve human immunity

  🍯 Prevent & improve rhinitis, hepatitis, constipation

 ðŸ¯ 清宿便、 开胃促消化

 ðŸ¯ 改善睡眠、消除疲劳、解酒 

 ðŸ¯ 养肺润肠、解毒护肝

 ðŸ¯ 除疤祛斑、养颜美发抗衰老

 ðŸ¯ 提升人体免疫能力

 ðŸ¯ 预防&改善鼻炎、肝炎、便秘