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Avery Bird's Nest Essence

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Product Description

Avery Bird's Nest Essence

- The benefit of bird's nest is in its sialic acid content

- Slows down the aging process

- Repairs and rejuvenate cells

- Preserve and improve skin health

- Boosts the brain development in children

- Moistures the lungs and reduce fatigue

- Help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Molecular Excellence

The traditionally cooked bird's nest consist of indigestible glycoprotein complex. The human body can only absorb 10% of the nutrients due to the large protein molecule. Meanwhile, the bird's nest essence consists of smaller protein molecules and is ready to drink with high efficacy and absorption rate.

The All Natural Source

We only use natural cave bird’s nest sourced from the local communities in Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia. We believe in the local community efforts to preserve the eco-system to ensure the natural habitat of the swiftlets are not affected. This has resulted in a sustainable and safe environment for the swiftlets for hundreds of years evident by the growing numbers of swiftlet population in the area.