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REJU Feminine Gel 瑞珠。护慈霜

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Product Description

FEMININE GEL contains numerous of vitamins and minerals that can help maintain women’s wellbeing and restore the proper functioning of their intimate area.
The gel rejuvenates the skin’s moisture and elasticity for women who have gone through strong hormonal changes after pregnancy and menopause.
The herbs in the gel also contain natural anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria compounds which help in preventing bacterial infection from irregular discharge.

Maintains Healthy Uterus
Promotes uterine stem cells regeneration
Natural Lubricant

Quantity Volume: 30ml per bottle

Usage: Apply on lower abdomen, twice a day
Storage: Keep in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.
Not Suitable For: Pregnant women, Children below 12 years, Menstruating women.